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15 reasons to buy a European prepaid SIM card

September 2, 2013 | Leave a comment

15 reasons why we think buying our European prepaid SIM cards we help you to get rid of roaming fees and keep a heart lighted mind when visiting France and the European Union.

  1. Foreign customer friendly
    – Full support in English
    – Taylor made for foreign visitors in France & the European Union
  2. More airtime for less money
    – Now lower tariffs for calls and data usage thanks to new E.U. regulations
    – Low texting rates
    – Free incoming text messages
    – Free incoming calls in France
    – Free voicemail
    – No connection fee
  3. Simple to use
    – Pay as you go
    – No SIM card activation required
    – No time limitation to spend credits (€1.40/ month maintenance fee)
    – Lifetime phone number
    – Airtime credits top up available online/in shops
    – No hidden cost, no surprises
    – No French bank account required

We have created Europacell.com to deliver European prepaid SIM cards but not only. We have decided to go beyond the initial demand of our customers. So we are also offering a selection of complementary products that we consider being the standard requirements for every connected traveler.

Currently, Europacell.com  is distributing the following products:

– European prepaid SIM cardsstandardmicro and Nano formats

– Personal hotspot packs including SIM cards

– 3G keys packs including SIM cards

– Low cost unlocked Phone packs including SIM cards

– Travel guides in hard copy or kindle formats from Amazon.com

– IPhone apps dedicated to Paris from the US iTunes store

And be sure, that this will evolve on a regular basis, thanks to the availability of new products and our curating work.


Bienvenue to Europacell.com

March 13, 2013 | Leave a comment

Dear Visitors and Friends,

Paris-Hospitality.com – has been distributing LFM products (European prepaid SIM cards, phones, 3G keys, and personal hotspots) for a while now with:

1. Our Website:


2. Our friends and retailers:

– Fat Tire Bike Tours:   location

– Set in Paris:   location

– Meeting the French:   location

Now, with our experience and a growing demand, we aim at offering you more with Europacell.com: more goods, more services, more info to make the best of your stay in France and Europe.

Europacell.com objective is to become your one stop shop for that matter.

To begin with, we offer you a brand new website Europacell.com that will significantly enhance your buying experience: your orders are now managed by a dedicated e-commerce website.

In its current configuration, the Europacell.com allows you to purchase

– European prepaid SIM cards.

– Data SIM cards

– Wifi Hotspots with their SIM cards

– Guides about Paris, France and European cities, in hardcover, softcover or digital format, thanks to our partnership with Amazon.com.

– A selection of practical apps for iPhones and iPads.

Obviously, our retailer network, Fat Tire Bike Tours, Set in Paris and Meeting the French are also available, if you are required to buy a European prepaid SIM over the counter.

But that’s not all! Europacell.com

Our blog will share with you information about Paris, France, European cities.

Finally, to facilitate the acquisition of our European prepaid SIM cards, selected retailers will join our network over time.

Check back regularly for more info.

Yours faithfully,

Pascal Bronstein